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Ironing Services in Godalming

Fed up with ironing or just too busy with work, or kids, or just generally prefer to do something better than ironing? Ironing Fairy is here to help you offering the best ironing services for Godalming and surrounding areas.
Ironing Services Godalming

We take the hassle out of a chore to make your life easier and save you time. Our ironing service will endeavour to give you a personal service that is individual to your needs. Free collection and delivery from your home. All you have to do is put everything in a bag or basket and call Ironing Fairy and we will take care for the rest. Our guarantee is that you'll have your clothes back but in a pristine condition within 24 hours depending on collection time and are either hung or beautifully folded.

We can iron anything from duvets to dresses, from work shirts to curtains. Your local professional ironing serivce operate in a clean, smoke free and pet free environment and have the highest standards.

You Are not alone

Ironing is the most dreaded household chore. We regularly heard people wishing for a "Ironing Fairy" to take it off their hands, which is why we started our business.

Ironing Fairy is has been established since 2013 providing a local and professional, reliable, friendly and efficient door to door ironing service.

Take a look at the advantages of choosing Ironing Fairy:
    checkProfessional, friendly and efficient ironing service
    checkFree collection & delivery
    checkFast Turnaround - 24 hours or Same day where possible
    checkComprehensive service for all the family’s clothes and household linen
    checkCompetitive and best price in Godalming, with no hidden costs
    checkAll ironing carried out in a clean and smoke free environment
    checkAll your laundry is returned either hung or beautifully folded
Ironing Pile

Ironing Services

Ironing Services
We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangements or if you just need your ironing done as a one off we can also accommodate that for you.
We offer a professional, friendly and reliable service whilst operating in a clean and smoke free environment.
Opening hours

Opening Times
In order to let us iron your laundry quickly, just give us call!
We are open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, so the quicker you will let us know the sooner you will get your items back!


Free Delivery
We are fully aware that our customers are busy too. Therefore we offer collection from early hours delivery till evening (on special occasions).
All our customers are fully entitled to FREE collection and delivery within Godalming and surrounding areas on all orders £36 or more!

Contact Us
If you are looking for a five star ironing service but don't want to pay five star price, then look no further call Ironing Fairy today for free, local, collection and delivery of your ironing and let us relieve you of this boring chore.

If you still have any questions, please read our FAQ section, where you can find more about our ironing service or just give us a call!

Below are a few hints on how to keep your clothes in great condition:
    Pile of Clothes
  • Always check your pockets. Its amazing how much damage one white tissue in a black wash can cause!
  • Always Read the label and follow the instructions.
  • Using fabric softener really improves the wear-ability of clothes and helps keep them smelling fresh
  • Only tumble dry your clothes until they are just dry. Any longer and the heat will actually 'set' creases, increase static cling and can cause shrinkage. This is true for both natural and synthetic fabrics
  • Try not to leave damp clothes in the kitchen - they will absorb cooking smells
  • Do the buttons or poppers up on duvet covers before you wash. This avoids them being twisted and getting turned inside-out. It also prevents small items such as socks getting trapped inside
  • Hang your wet washing out to dry as soon as possible to prevent the 'musty damp washing' smell
  • Lay heavy woollen items flat whilst drying. It helps to prevent them getting stretched
  • Dry shirts and blouses on a hanger (but not wire!) to dry. It will help them keep their shape
  • Give your clothes a light shake before you put them in a tumble dryer. Tightly balled fabric dries a lot slower
  • When you get your laundry back from ironing fairy, un-pack it and put everything away as soon as possible. This will avoid it getting creased again and help keep the ironing clean and fresh
  • When hanging clothes on a rail, always try and leave a good space between each item.